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Quinary Clinical Research (QCR) is a Research Startup aimed to address the unseen yet significant problems in the clinical research industry.

It has pioneered the concept of ECMO (Ethics Committee Management Organization) with digitization, which benefits all clinical research stakeholders. Quinary’s vision is to become a leading provider of simple & unique solutions to the clinical research industry.

Today’s research is tomorrow’s healthcare.

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Our Regional Ethics Committee Support

ACE Independent Ethics Committee

Reg.Number: ECR/141/Indt/KA/2013/RR-19
City: Bangalore

Ripon Independent Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/299/Indt/TN/2018
City: Chennai

S2J Independent Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/284/Indt/AP/2017/RR-20
City: Hyderabad

SARV Independent Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/262/Indt/GJ/2017/RR-20
City: Gandhidham

Brij Independent Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/160/Indt/GJ/2014
City: Vadodara

Good Society for Ethical Research

Reg. Number: ECR/69/Indt/DL/2013/RR-19
City: Delhi

Chitkara University

Reg. Number: EC/NEW/INST/2022/PB/0081
City: Patiala

Rudraksha Hospital Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/1139/Inst/GJ/2018
City: Ahmedabad

Aurangabad Health Care and Research LLP IEC

Reg. Number: ECR/325/Indt/MH/2020
City: Aurangabad

Veracity Independent ethics committee

Reg. Number: ECR/342/Indt/MH/2021
City: Amravati

Deccan Independent Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/343/Indt/TG/2021
City: Hyderabad

NIMS medicity ethics committee

Reg. Number: ECR/218/Inst/Ker/2013/RR-20
City: Trivandrum


Reg. Number: ECR/340/Indt/UP/2021
City: Varanasi

The Institutional Human EC, Udyaan HealthCare

Reg. Number: ECR/1300/Inst/UP/2019
City: Lucknow

Integrity Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/505/Inst/MP/2014/RR-20
City: Indore

Scientific Research and ethical review committee

Reg. Number: EC/NEW/INST/2020/772
City: Pune

Indira IVF Center

Reg. Number: ECR/1618/Inst/BR/2021
City: Patna

Indira IVF Center

Reg. Number: ECR/1627/Inst/WB/2021
City: Kolkata

Indira IVF Center

Reg. Number: ECR/1614/Inst/RJ/20212
City: Udaipur

Indira IVF Center

Reg. Number: ECR/1636/Inst/DL/2021
City: Delhi

Indira IVF Center

Reg. Number: ECR/1629/Inst/MH/2021
City: Mumbai


Reg. Number: ECR/1687/Inst/GJ/2022
City: Surat

Royal Pune Independent Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/45/Indt/MH/2013/RR-19
City: Pune

Jasleen Hospital Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/264/Inst/MH/2013/RR-20
City: Nagpur

Subharti Medical College & Hospital

Reg. Number: ECR/256/Inst/UP/2013/RR-19
City: Meerut

Shree Siddhivinayak Hospital Ethics Committee

Reg. Number: ECR/1247/Inst/MH/2019
City: Nashik

Independent ethics committee- Ethclin private limited.

Reg. Number: ECR/350/Indt/KA/2021
City: Belagavi, Karnataka

Gouri Research centre

Reg. Number: ECR/1735/Inst/JK/2022
City: Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Prakriya Hospital Institutional Ethics committee

Reg. Number: ECR/1412/Inst/KA/2020
City:Bengaluru, Karnataka

Health Point Ranchi Ethics Committee.

Reg. Number: ECR/1536/Inst/JH/2021
City: Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Indira IVF Hospital Ethics Committee Jaipur

Reg. Number: ECR/1769/Inst/RJ/2023
City: Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Indira IVF Hospital Ethics Committee Pune

Reg. Number: ECR/1768/Inst/MH/2023
City: Pune, Maharashtra.

Indira IVF Hospital Ethics Committee Lucknow

Reg. Number: ECR/1775/Inst/UP/2023
City: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Indira IVF Hospital Ethics Committee Chandigarh

Reg. Number: ECR/1773/Inst/PB/2023
City: Chandigarh, Punjab.

Indira IVF Hospital Ethics Committee Prayagraj

Reg. Number: ECR/1782/Inst/UP/2023
City: Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.